• Tour Marquee Video: New MOM Needs Help - Brunette Tiffany is a new mom and like most new parents has had no time for herself. So when she gets the chance to bring George home, she makes sure he gets everything a mature woman has to offer.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Selfie and My Stepmom - Angella sits in her room taking selfies for her boyfriend, she wants to turn him on, she wants to feel beautiful and desired and hopes he will compliment her fine body. While selecting the best to send him, her step-mom Donna-Joe walks in and wants to know what her step daughter is up to. They've always had a good relationship, since the first time she moved in with her and her Dad. She's heard her orgasm through the bedroom walls and she feels she can open up and talk to Donna honestly, not as a mother, but like as an older friend.

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  • Tour Marquee Video: Rock Me -  George paired with anyone is always incredible but today is truly incredible. Seeing Linette asleep on the bed he mentioned how sexy she looks. Before we knew it he was heading over to give her a sweet surprise! 
Giving her lots of kisses and allowing his hands to explore soon woke Linette from her sleep, pleased to see George they soon turn things up a notch.
Rolling around on the bed, pleasuring each other over and over again before George slides deeply inside her. These two truly where infatuated with each other and it shows!
  • Tour Marquee Video: How It Feels - Young Lucy Li is a welcome addition with her incredible figure, jet black hair and large firm breasts. While Lucy is no stranger to love, she is a little shy and there's always a new experience to be explored, so who better to lead the way than classy MILF Olivia?

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Tour Video: Meggie is excited to finally get a night alone with her man, George Lee. She does a sexy striptease out of her cute outfit, revealing a pair of sweet looking panties. MILF Meggie starts moaning and panting as soon as she sees his big dick. George inserts his hard member into Meggie's wet and waiting pussy. He knows she needs a hard pounding, since she is a busy mom. George makes Meggie forget all about the stresses of daily life with his vigorous fucking style. Finally after Meggie has cum, George spews his load all over Meggie’s body, making her feel even more satisfied!
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