• Tour Marquee Video: A Mature Masturbation 3 - Sherry Raily is a blonde MILF who is pretty stressed out, like most moms. She needs to relieve her tensions that arise from balancing a busy work and family schedule. Luckily, she has found a bit of private time to masturbate, and wants to share her experience with you. Sherry takes her time. The viewer is just a fly on the wall and Sherry is in her own world of self pleasure, as she stuffs her fingers in her wet pussy and rubs her clit to raise herself up to the desired climactic plane. Once orgasm hits, Sherry feels her daily stresses fade away, until next time.
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  • Tour Marquee Video: Cuban Mistress -  Linette and Steve cannot stay away from each other despite fucking a few times already they begged us to be filmed again, of course we couldn't say no! 
In this scene Linette seduces Steve in a red number, it doesn't take him long to get out those massive tits he loves. He ends up fucking her nice and hard on the sofa making up for the few weeks that have passed since their last time.
  • Tour Marquee Video: Sex Before Work - Having already had sex and spent the night together Vicky and Steve were becoming quite comfortable in each other's company. It was now morning and they should both be getting up for work but Vicky's morning horniness soon prevents that.
She starts to play with Steve's cock and the all familiar pleasure of the night before comes back to him, he's instantly erect just thinking about their horny antics as Vicky ventures down between his legs and takes his cock into her mouth. She doesn't stop until he bends her over and pounds her from behind until they both cum together.
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Tour Video: Karol Lillien is a gorgeous blonde MILF who is quite statuesque. Her body is a playground for Lutro, who is a bit on the shorter side for a guy. The lovers don't mind the size difference at all. Lutro enjoys having a tall woman with lots of nice curvy places to grab onto and squeeze at his leisure. Her tits are right at his eye level as she sits on his fat cock, the perfect placement for an arousing glance and a sensual stroke. They pound away at each other, staring into each other's eyes, until they have both cum, and are feeling sated, for now at least.
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Tour Video: Meggie wonders if she is too old to still have a good romp in bed, and Radek shows her that you're never too old! Meggie loves the feeling of Radek's huge dick between her tits, and she's glad that she can provide him as much pleasure as he is giving her. The muscular guy is such a gentleman, he fulfills all of Meggie's requests including when the brunette MILF begs him to cum on her pussy. After their sex session, Meggie feels revitalized. She has her groove back, and knows she'll be having amazing sex for years to come.
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Tour Video: Sexy MILF Tiffany Doll gives you an extra special experience in this POV sex scene. Well hung stud, Martin, serves as your stand-in while Tiffany works her charms. She strokes away at your big hard cock before taking it in her mouth and providing you with an expert blowjob. Her pretty face wraps around your cock as she bobs up and down. She's soon stuffing your big member in her tight shaved pussy riding up and down on your shaft. You can't wait to blow your load, but you will have to wait, Tiffany is in control...
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Tour Video: Shelly Raily has put on a sexy blue dress that beautifully accentuates her blonde hair and MILF curves. Looking so good has got her so turned on, she canít help but masturbate and experience the pleasure that comes from solo sex. For once, she has a moment to herself. No one calling for her, no one needing anything from her, itís just Shelly, alone, appreciating her mature body in a rare occasion of alone time.
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Tour Video: Meggie is a sexy mature brunette who knows just what she wants from a romp with her lover, Lance. She does not want him to be gentle and delicate with her. She wants the thrill that can come from feeling a bit like you're not in control anymore. She wants things a little rough. That's one of the benefits to being a bit more experienced than some 18 year old. You get to know exactly what you want in bed, and you're not afraid to ask for it.
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Tour Video: Angel Diamonds knows it's hard for a mom to get some time for a sexy romp. That's why her and her lover George B wait until the evening, when no one else is around, to share their intimate embrace. Just one gaze into George's eyes is enough to make Angel's heart surge with appreciation, and send a shiver through her entire body, but especially right to her nipples and pussy, which she knows will be quite satisfied after their evening frolic.
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