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Tour Video: Uma is a very special woman, for most of her life she endured sex as something to please men. But as as she got older she finally found her pleasure was more important. Maybe it was the years without orgasm. But now she can't stop. If there is one REAL woman you need to see having REAL orgasms, this is the one!
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Tour Video: After becoming a Mom Lara worked at losing the pregnancy weight diligently. Now that she has her 'single girl body' back she is looking to be lusted after like she was when she was on the dating circuit. Steve appreciates all the effort Lara has made and wanted to reward her in a tangible way so he went to her favorite boutique and bought her a brand new lingerie set as a thank you present. The best sex is usually based on mutual care and an emotional connection like the one this loving couple cultivate together.
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Tour Video: Tiffany hasn't seen Neil in months and from the first letter he sent her until the day he arrived at her door, all she could think over and over was I Need You Inside! Now she has a chance to show him how much she missed him and Tiff definitely makes the most of her opportunities. From the deep-throat blowjob skill she shows off to the finally cumshot across her sexy ass, this lovely brunette is worthy of the MILF acronym in every sense of the word. Neither Neil nor any of her viewers will ever go away for months again!
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