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Pussy eating blondes in high heels on Momxxx
January 18, 2017
Daisy Lee
Lesbian lovers Daisy Lee and Lena always turns heads at Prague's underground clubs. Both blonde, busty, and beautiful, it's impossible for men to look away. But these two Czech babes only have eyes for each other. Returning from a night of dancefloor foreplay, they aren't even through the door before Lena starts groping the teen's bubble butt in the hallway! Leading Daisy inside by her skirt, the foxy MILF begins tenderly undressing her, licking and kissing down her milky skin. Always the eager submissive, Daisy lies down to let Lena ride her face into a clit-quivering climax, before she gets an expert finger-banging and pussy-licking from the mature hottie. Unable to resist one last orgasmic tryst, the frisky honeys grind their wet pussies together in a harmonious tribbing finale.

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