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Asian Milf and young blonde Czech on Momxxx
September 20, 2017
If you looked as good as Czech blonde Katy Pearl, you'd spend your days checking yourself out too. Katy has her phone out and is using her front facing camera to admire her fresh-faced beauty. Sitting at a table closeby is the lovely Asian MILF Pussykat. She's eating a banana, but has a different kind of snack in mind. Sitting next to the stunning blonde, Pussykat takes charge by kissing Katy's neck as she traces her fingertips from her lips to her navel. As Ms. Pearl purs for Pussykat, the MILF slides the blonde's panties off and slips a finger into her wet pussy. After experiencing an intense orgasm, Katy mounts Pussykat, sliding her tongue as far into the MILF's pussy as it will go, while simultaneously playing with her big fake tits. Grabbing two big handfuls of Pussykat's ass, Katy makes the Asian minx cum harder than Pussykat ever thought possible!

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