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Fisting her blonde British stepmom on Momxxx
August 16, 2018
Lexi Dona wasn't sure she liked her new stepmom Barbie Sins, but quickly realizes that Barbie is the woman of her dreams! Stolen glances and unchecked lust give way to heated passions, and the ladies find themselves in the living room wearing nothing but sexy lingerie. Barbie kisses her stepdaughter and slowly takes down the straps of her top, exposing Lexi's perky tits. Putting Lexi into doggystyle position, Barbie eats the brunette's pussy and ass from behind until she moans with pleasure. Lexi then discovers Barbie's favorite sexy toy: a massive inflatable dildo. Barbie teaches Lexi how to use it, then pleasures her with it. Barbie then shows Lexi how it's done, taking it inside of her and having Lexi inflate the toy to make her pussy gape. Lexi fists Barbie and loves it, then sits on the blonde babe's face so she can cum!

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